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Enhanced Roofing contractors are experienced roofing specialist specialized in locating and repairing roof leaks. We give the guarantee of solving all kinds of roof related troubles and repair even the smallest of roof leaks. The primary reason for roof leaking is uneven roof surface. Due to the unevenness, the possibility of water puddle formation increases, especially in the rainy season. When water tends to collect at some of the areas on the roof, the roof may begin to leak. Hence the best way to prevent roof from leaking is to get a flat one installed or opt for roof repair services.

Enhanced Roofing & Remodeling contractors are trained to advice you on the best possible material for your roof and walk you through the entire process of roof repair in case of leaks or other issues. We hire only certified, experienced, well trained and professional workers who make sure that your roof related trouble is completely rooted out and never returns again!

List of common leak locations

There are certain locations on the roof where the leak is most probably going to occur. The following is a list:

  • Valleys
  • Head wall flashings
  • The field of shingles
  • Plumbing vent flashings
  • Wall step flashings
  • Chimneys
  • Ice dam leaks
  • Furnace of B Vent flashings
  • Non-roof leaks
  • Windblown rain leaks

Through the knowledge of the common leak locations and places on the roof, our workers will suggest the best solution and will either repair, replace or reinstall the roof or a certain part of component of the roof. If you wish to avail any of our roof repair services in Arlington VA, you can contact us for consultation, free estimation and for availing our top-notch and reliable services.

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