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Enhanced Roofing & Remodeling will answer all of your roofing related questions. Contact us if you need help with your leaking roof, siding or windows.


Life Cycle:

Asphalt shingles usually last longer in cooler climates than warmer ones. Thermal shock is one thing that is damaging to shingles (thermal shock is what roofing materials experience when the ambient temperature changes dramatically within a very short period of time). Another factor affecting asphalt shingle roofs is attic ventilation. Proper roof ventilation has been known to extend the service life of a roof. Shingles should not be applied during cold weather. Each shingle must seal to the layer below it to form a monolithic structure. Sun and heat to soften the underlying exposed asphalt is a requirement during the initial phase of a new roof. Staple guns should not be used on shingles because they tear into the substrate too easily. Traditional roofing nails remain the best method of applying shingles.